Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lots Going On.

I need to knock off the blog dust and get back in the swing of things. We have been keeping the roads hot seeing family in Utah and Colorado. We also have had withdrawls from the island. It was weird not to go back to St. Maarten at the first of the year. Tyson is really struggling with it. He wants to go back, "to his home and see the beach." He is constantly asking about Peyton and all his friends from the island. It is hard to explain to a two year old that his home is gone and right now we are living between two grandparents' houses. I hope we hear about the TEST soon and find out where we are going. Tyson needs some consistency in his life.
Here is a recap of what we have been up to the past few weeks. (with pictures)
Tyson and his cute cousin Jaelyn. They were able to spend a few days together during the New Year holiday. Jaelyn follows Tyson around and the two of them were like "peas in a pod."
My brother-in-law Mark is the one making the funny face. He and my sister-in-law Kariann and brother-in-law Travis are watching Brett, another inlaw, climb a rock wall during First Night in St. George. It was very cold that night.Nice form Brett. I know he is going to get me back for this picture, but it was such a good shot. Needless to say he made it to the top. Awe!!! Such a cute, freezing couple. You can't see but my nose hairs were frozen together. I covered it up with my winning smile. LOL
Jennifer, my sister-in-law, and Jaelyn. Notice how bundled up they are, yeah, it was COLD. Tyson, however, slept through the entire First Night Activities. He was bundled up in a stroller and went to sleep.
Giddy Up Cowboy! Tyson loves to ride his rocking horse at Grandma Westwood's. He looks like a mini cowboy!Tyson got to spend some quality time with his Papa Westwood. They read books, rode in the truck, fed the dog and horse and just had a great time together.Grandma T, and Tyson made cookies. Tyson ate most of the dough before we could make the cookies. He loved spending time with Grandma T.He also was able to spend some time with his Great Grandma MamaD.All tuckered out. Tyson and Grandma Jackson, passed out after church last Sunday. Tyson loves being with Grandma Jackson; he even chooses her over me, most days. I am chop liver compared to the grandparents. (I think he gets tired of mom)

Now this picture of an owl comes with a funny story. It hit into my inlaw's double glass windows the other night. It was going after a mouse and then SMACK! It scared the heck out of all of us. We looked out and there it was, all dazed. I have never seen an owl up so close before. It was beautiful and after a few minutes, it regained its bearings and flew off. Kind of a cool experience.

Tyson and Alyssa at Uncle Brett's ball game. Alyssa is the little sister of another basketball player and one of Tyson's playmates at the ball games. They run up and down the bleachers and have a ball watching the boys play basketball.

This has been a quick look at our lives the past 3 weeks. Hope you have enjoyed the run down.