Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again/ Well Almost

Now you would think that this country girl would be excited to drive in the snow since I haven't seen in for a while, but that wasn't the case. Thursday night Vaughn and I drove up to Colorado Springs for him to take the Step 1 test. The plan was that I would go and Christmas shop while he tested. (That was the plan). I haven't exactly been feeling up to par, so the drive up in altitude didn't help the old sinuses. I felt like my head was as big as a hot air balloon. This wasn't going to be good. We got to the motel room and I was miserable all night long. Good thing the bed was a King sized. I tried to stay far away from Vaughn during the night, smothering my face when I had to cough up a lung. (He still isn't sick) Vaughn had to be to the testing center by 8 so we drove there and then I was left alone with my stuffed up head cold, cough, and this huge big diesel truck. Now normally driving this big truck wouldn't have bothered me, but you have to remember what I have been driving for the past 18 months. That is right, the rice rocket GETZ! Actually, I was wishing I had the Getz in all that traffic. It took about 35 minutes, several 10 point turns, probably a few pissed off drivers and many silent prayers to get me back to the hotel.
The rest of the day I went to the Citidal Mall, but was so sick that I didn't even enjoy shopping. I spent 1 whole hour just sitting in the truck trying to clear my head. I picked up Vaughn and made him drive home. I had my fill with driving the big truck. I think my choice in vehicles has changed, at least for now. I am ok driving a small car...... (maybe once I get better that will change)


Cluff Family said...

Way to go Vaughn.... I bet you are glad that is over! We've been thinking about you taking the Step 1. We're also glad you made it safe in the big diesel truck! That is what Ben keeps wishing we could drive. Glad you survived your trip.... AND we sure hope you feel better before Christmas so you can enjoy yourself! We sure miss you guys! St. Maarten just isn't the same!!!!!

Holly said...

Keep us posted about the test results!