Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Jinxed Myself

(This is a really old picture of the car, but I just wanted to have a picture of it on here)

Ok, so in a previous post I said that I wondered what this island had in store for me next, I should have shut my mouth before that sentence, because once again it decided to throw me another curve ball. (It should know better). Yesterday was a big day, I had a meeting at the school in the morning, cleaning to do, a couples massage with Vaughn and then his 5th semester party. I was hoping that I could go through out the day without a hitch, YA RIGHT!!!

I had just finished my meeting with Ashley at the school and drove to the marina to pick up Tyson. I parked outside the gate and walked to Laura's to get my boy. I talked with Laura for about 3 minutes, walked out the door with Tyson and headed to the car, except when I got to the place where the car should be, it was GONE!!! What the CRAP???? I thought I was loosing my mind, which wouldn't surprise me at this point, but then I remembered parking there. Someone had stolen my car and my $150.00 car seat was in it. Needless to say I let a few words fly, good thing I wasn't around a whole lot of people. I quickly called Laura and Vaughn and then dashed back home on foot dragging Tyson. Poor kid, I had him at a dead sprint.

At the apartment Vaughn and I were calling around trying to find the car. I called the man we rent the car from, who is off the island, HOW CONVENIENT!! His wife proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to the police station to file a report. I then asked her how I was suppose to get there and she told me to drive. OH DUH!! I should have known that, stupid me, but seeing how I don't have a car, that might be a little difficult. Stupid Woman!!! So I again explained, in the nicest voice I could muster, that my car had been stolen. She then gave me a number to call and that was that. So we called the number, which happen to be Eddie, another guy who rents the cars and he told us he would find out what was going on. Now, at this time I am fuming, and not because my car is gone, no no no, it is because my car seat is gone and I am going home in 7 days, 7 DAYS!!!! (stupid island)

We received a call about an hour later that the wrong cars had been "taken" and that our car would be returned to the place it was "taken". (Taken my butt, more like stolen, left me stranded) During this time, Vaughn has to go and take his last ICM exam and I am left to decide on whether or not to cancel the massages. I ended up canceling them and kept calling trying to find out a time when the car would return. Hours went by, Vaughn came home, and still no car. And trust me I was watching from my balcony to see if it would. (I can see the marina parking lot from my balcony and was just waiting for the dummies who stole my car to return it, because I was going to punch them in the face. But I didn't get that chance.) Vaughn called this Eddie again and he assured us that the cars were in transit. Ya, Whatever! I also needed to get Tyson over to Ben and Jill's since they were watching him for the evening, that was if we could find a ride to the 5th semester party. Luckily Jill was sweet enough to come and get him, so that lessened my troubles. (Thanks Jill you are an Angel)

Finally we got a hold of the lady who handles the lease payment of the car and she told us that she was in the vicinity of Palm Court picking up other student who had our same problem. Vaughn met her outside and she took them all to the Hyundai dealership in Cole Bay to retrieve the cars. (They were never in transit, lying snots) This lady told Vaughn that they took the cars for maintenance. WHAT? What the crap kind of lie is that? Vaughn told her, "If you needed the car to be serviced that bad, next time just let me know so I can get my stuff out, before you steal it." So she admitted that they stole the cars. What a wonderful place I live in!

Vaughn got the car and we were relieved to find that the car seat was still there. We even made it to his 5th semester party and had a great time. Tyson had a ball over at Jill's, thanks again, and slept over there. I am hoping that my troubles are all over, because I just want to leave without any more drama. PLEASE!!!!!


Candace and Richie said...

What a mess! Like I have said many times, the experiences keep getting better and better in SXM! You can at least see the light to the dark dark tunnel!!! I know you will be so glad to leave next week!

hkangoh said...

Hahaha!! I've been waiting for this post since Friday! It was everything that I thought it would be...I love reading your drama :) I can imagine you fuming! So happy you got the carseat back! what will you write about when you leave?!

ashreims said...

Who knew a 20 minute interview at the school would turn into such drama! Sorry Nicole!