Thursday, December 20, 2007

Croup and the Flu (in a bad way)

All good things must come to an end, and in our case it was an abrupt end. After we got out of the Rodeo Saturday night Tyson started running a fever and over the course of the next few hours his breathing became really shallow. I bathed him, fed him and gave him some Tylenol and tried to get him to sleep. He slept but was having trouble breathing. Finally I decided that we needed to go to the hospital. I woke up my parents, who weren't asleep b/c they were waiting for me to say let's go, and we took a taxi to the nearest hospital. By the time we got there Tyson's breathing was so shallow that I was afraid he wasn't getting enough oxygen. The hospital the taxi driver took us to was a children's hospital and triage. The little nurse on duty took Tyson's oxygen count and said it was good but that he sounded croupy. I had heard of croup before but never thought I would have to deal with it. We spent the next 5-6 hours in the ER while Tyson was given a shot, breathing treatments and x-rays. The poor kid. He just screamed and cried when they took his x-ray and we had a heck of a time holding him down for the picture to turn out. He cried "Mommy" over and over. It was enough to make this old girl break down and bawl herself. They finally released us around 6:30 in the morning and we took a cab back to the hotel. Luckily I was headed back to Colorado with my mother-in-law and to my father-in-law the doctor. Tyson and I both slept almost the entire way back to Colorado. He definitely had croup and still has a nasty cough. He hasn't been out of the house since we got back on Sunday and today is Thursday.
And since misery loves company, I fell ill with a nasty case of the flu Tuesday night. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time. So I am up and moving around, barely, for the first time today. It has been a rough week for us so far, but hopefully we are on the mends. (we should be with all the shots and medicine we are taking). Vaughn heads to take his Step 1 test tomorrow. We will all be praying for him to do well. Happy Holidays to you all!


hkangoh said...

Good Luck Vaughn...We are all pulling for ya!
Love the pics of your dad and Tyson and you look awesome in the rodeo pic! We miss you lots! Have an awesome christmas and get well!