Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trying To Get In A Few Last Beaches Before We Leave

(An old picture of us at Pelican Key, but I forgot to take a new one today. ARG!)The title pretty much says it all. It has been a rough two days, since learning about my dad's cancer situation, and so today I needed to go to the beach and relax just a bit. It was nice. The waves were small, but the water was frigid. Laura stood in it for a while and said that once your legs were numb you could stand the water. She was right. After a bit you didn't notice the cold that much. Ashley also came to hang out. It was nice to just talk about random stuff. We are down to the 8 days mark. One week from today we will move out of Palm Court and into the Sonesta Hotel for a few days and then it is off to the USA! Everyone tells me that I will miss this place, and granted there are things and people that I will miss very much, and the experience has been just awesome, but I am ready for home and family for a while.