Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rocking on the Island, Literately!

OK, so I knew that I would maybe have to endure the occasional tropical storm, maybe a hurricane, while living here, but an earthquake? Around 3 today Tyson and I were over at Laura's having a play date and all of the sudden her couches started to shake. I just thought it was a low flying airplane, but NO! It was an earthquake, and we didn't realize it until her house moved. Then it was grab the boys and sprint down the hall way to the door and then it stopped. My little heart was beating out of my chest. Just a little bit scary!!! I told you this island knows I am leaving and is just trying to give me grief! (I later found out that the earthquake happened somewhere down in between Dominique and Martinique and that it was a 7.4. We just got the after shocks. Hopefully we don't get anymore)