Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time with Friends

The Kabonics and the Jacksons took a little time to go to Mullet Bay Beach. It was an eventful time filled with crying, naked men and sun and fun. First off the fun and sun. The kids all enjoyed the beach and water. Avery and Cooper have become little fishes since they got here. Wendy and I went snorkeling towards the right side of the beach. During this time the chaos began.Here is Wendy and I preparing for the snorkeling. We snorkeled about 1/2 way towards the other side of the beach and came up to see where we were, lo and behold there he was. This white naked man, laying on his front. So all we saw was this huge white butt. Wendy about choked on the ocean from laughing through her snorkel. That gave us a chuckle. Then we kept going towards the snorkel spot. We had a great time snorkeling and saw some beautiful fish. Then came the eventful walk back. We opted not to snorkel back and decided to walk. we came upon the naked butt man, he flipped over and we saw his twig and berries. It was disgusting. Wendy and I just giggled and walked fast towards the boys to tell them what we saw. As we came upon the rest of the family, we learned that they had all three kids crying at one point in time and then 2 minutes later, Tyson had a melt down and that was it. It was time to leave the beach. During the evening we trecked down to Maho to watch the casino dancers. As you can see the boys, both big and small, were into the dancing. They were so into it, that the dancers came over and gave them all necklaces, and then picked up Cooper and danced with him. They were all smiles. It was a good time.Wendy and Paul enjoying the night life in Maho.The Jackons just hanging out in Maho. We have had such a great time with the Kabonics here on St. Maarten. We have been able to be on a mini vacation with them and have loved every minute of it.


ashreims said...

Now look at that nice tan...keep it up so you look like you lived in the Caribbean when you move back home! lol