Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunset Beach Bar Fun (a little off the time line)

There is nothing cooler than watching the planes come in over the beach at Sunset Beach Bar. We took the Kabonics there to witness this sight, and to see the crazy tourists stand up against the fence as the big planes leave the island and get pelted with sand and blown into the ocean. This is a comical and fun sight to see as well.
Cooper was digging on the planes flying in. Tyson was more interested in drinking his sprite.Paul and Vaughn sporting the "cool look" in the heat of Sunset. It was really hot that day, wouldn't ya know that would be the day I take them there.Lunch was great and watching the planes fly in was an added bonus. We even got lucky to see the insect family of cockroaches around the beach bar. In fact one of them flew up on top of Cooper's fries and onto another man's shirt. YUCK!!! I never will get used to those nasty things.Paul decided to pull a "Jackass" move. He nearly went out with the ocean while trying to find a crab that hid itself in the rocks below the bar. Wendy caught it all on film. Good stuff!This is a portion of the island that I will miss. The sunsets are absolutely so gorgeous.