Sunday, November 25, 2007

Flat Tires, Power and Water Outages, What Could Be Better?

I am beginning to think that this island knows I am going to leave it forever and so it has decided to leave its mark on me one last time. Sounds crazy I know, but I truly believe that something else is going to happen.
Last week my tire blew at Food Express. I thought it wasn't too bad, and tried to drive on it, DUH!! It was bad, and so bad that I only went as far as the La Terrace Hotel and had to stop. The hotel guard/rent-a-cop had to come over and tell me that I couldn't park there. Who was parking? I quickly explained my predicament and he ushered me into the parking place of the hotel, where he proceeded to HELP me fix the tire. Now look, I am no rocket scientist, but I have changed several tires before and know what I am doing, but the rent-a-cop had other plans. What would have taken me about 20 minutes took him 40 and then the snot wanted me to pay him for the help. (Only on St. Maarten) I did, drove off, and got home safely. (Thank heavens)
The next day Laura took me to the tire place to buy a new tire, and not only did I GET to purchase a new tire, but I got hit on by some drunk islander. Geez! I did not let them put the new tire on, partly because I didn't want to have to pay extra, and partly because I don't fully trust people here. So I took it back home and did it!
Now to the power, water situation. Luckily for me I was ready when the power and water turned off this morning, but it was out for over an hour, and so............ church was nice a warm. Plus no power, meant no music, since our piano is an electric one. AWESOME! So I had to lead the congregation in a song without the music. I did fine on the first and last songs, but the middle one I was a pitch higher than everyone else and didn't realize it till the second verse. HOW EMBARRASSING!
Not finished................. then tonight as I went for a walk with Laura the power goes out again. And this time my gate is shut tight. I couldn't get out to go and walk. Luckily, again, all those years of watching McGuyver paid off, I took out my keys and jimmied the lock and POOF.....I got out.
Only 11 more days on the fun filled rock. Can't wait to see what happens next.....


Candace and Richie said...

There is definitely a dull moment here in St. Maarten! Glad you made it out of those situations safely and without much drama...!!!

hkangoh said...

Argh!! Gotta love this Island!
I LOVED having no water all day today!
But, seriously, now it's only 10 days?!
How sad for all of us left here...
Loved seeing you today!