Friday, April 13, 2007

The Italian Hair Cut

OK, so here on the island a hair cut is nothing like back home. Not only is it more expensive, but they offer you drinks, and massages and treat you like you are royalty. I have been to a few places to get my hair done, but the one I keep going back to is Hair Illusions where the infamous Walter, who is Italian, cuts hair. (He also cuts Vaughn's and Tyson's) Today was my day to be pampered. I wanted high lights to hide my few gray hairs. (It sucks to get older) Walter not only shampoos your hair, but he also gives a head and neck massage, and I have needed one of those for a long time. I could have forgone the hair cut and just had a 2 hour head and neck massage. Needless to say my hair is great and I will have to save for the next semester to have it done again in October.


Cluff Family said...

It looks better in person.....HA HA just always have great hair!!! LUCKY!