Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Time in the Caribbean

I've never spent Easter Weekend on a beach, but there is a first time for everything. Vaughn studied extra hard yesterday and was able to take time off today to come and be with Tyson and I at the beach. We went to Mullet where the waves were slightly big, but not too big that they scared Tyson from the water.

Tyson loved having his Dada to swim with and I loved it too. I actually got some time to enjoy the water by myself. It was an awesome time at the beach.

This afternoon/evening the Spouses Organization had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and then a Pot Luck dinner. We had an over flowing of food. It was SO good. The kids loved the hunting for eggs and candy. Tyson was more interesting in finding the plastic eggs and opening them than the candy that was scattered on the ground.

This is he and I as we begin the hunt for the "plastic eggs."

Here is the play by play of the "hunt for the plastic eggs."

Then once the eggs were found Tyson found a bag to put them in, since mom forgot to get him an Easter Basket and when she thought about it all the stores were closed. OOPS!
He found some suckers and was proud as peaches about them.

He finished out the day by posing for the camera and hanging out with his buddy Kelly. Thanks Kelly for watching him while Vaughn and I ate. You are a life saver.

A wonderful time was had by all. Happy Easter to everyone back home in the states. We hope your is as eventful as ours was.