Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Beach Day...Friar's Bay

I know, I seems like all we do is go to the beach....basically you are right!!!
We had another beach day at Friar's Bay. I would say this beach is comparable to Pinel. I love this beach. Just look at the calm, blue waters. On the right, Tyson is making his sand castles in the sand. He spent most of the time in the water and then the rest making small little sand creations which he soon hit down with the shovel.
Vaughn has his finals this week and finishes with them next Monday and then it is BYE BYE St. Marteen for the Jackson family for 2 weeks. I am ready to see the good ol' USA and so be in some not so HOT weather. It has been HOT and HUMID lately and my hair is starting to frizz again. I dislike summer..