Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Does this look like the face of innocence? I think not!

So innocent, so innocent. He gives that great big, cute, blue eyed grin and I melt, and all the trouble he has just caused floats away......NOT TODAY!

Here's the story. I was talking a shower while Tyson was engrossed in watching "Cars" and building with his blocks. Half way through getting the soap out of my hair I hear, "Clank, Clank, Clink, Clank." "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" I peek out the shower curtain to find that Tyson isn't watching "Cars" or playing with his blocks. OH NO! He has found something much more interesting to do, using mom's hair brush as a toilet cleaner. YUCK!!

Of course I scream and PLOP the brush drops from his red caught hands into the toilet. OH DOUBLE YUCK! Now let me entreat you to the toilet of St. Maarten. No matter how many times you clean the thing, it aways has mold and mildew spots and slimy stuff all over it. And this is after cleaning it the night before. Now imagine what my brush is covered in. Into the trash it goes, but then what does "Dennis the Menace" do? He fishes it out of the trash and starts combing his hair. ARG!! It is never a dull moment here.

That is funny, I know. But at the time the cuteness wasn't so cute. And his reign of terror wasn't over. Thirty minutes later he has the trash can open digging for the Pops box which has characters of "Cars" on it. Now this box isn't exactly clean, it is covered in breakfast eggs, milk and other things. And he wants to play with it. I am through buying expensive toys, because all I need to entertain my son is a toilet, brush, trash can and trash. Life is simple now..LOL