Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The UGLY!!!

I know I haven't posted in a while but we've been home and we had a chaotic time just getting here. By the picture above you can see that Tyson was not happy and we felt the same way. Here is how the story goes:

We got to the airport in St. Maarten just fine. Checked in, ate lunch and went through the lovely security. Then we arrived at our departing gate to find...............the plane was going to be 2 hours late. WHAT!?! I had just given Tyson his "knock out" medicine for the flight; OH GREAT!! Ya Tyson fell asleep in the terminal. The plane arrived at 4:30 instead of 2:30. SO......Tyson woke up just as we got on the plane and he was a little "pill." We were late getting to the Miami airport, obviously, and so we ran, and I mean ran, to the baggage claim to collect our bags, to go through customs, to run back to the airplane to get to VEGAS. Well........this all would have worked, except for one thing "OUR BAGS DIDN'T COME FAST ENOUGH!"
We were stuck at the airport for another 3 hours to get our tickets re booked and to get a hotel for the night. Now Tyson was #1 hungry, #2 ready to run, and there was no where to run. So you can just imagine how happy he was to sit in his stroller. All Vaughn and I could do was laugh. What else could we do? Crying wasn't going to get us anywhere and Tyson was doing enough of that for all of us.
Long story short...........we got a room, had dinner, didn't sleep, got up at 4:00a.m. to be back at the airport, to wait 3 hours for our plane to Dallas and then to Vegas. It was the "Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Beginning to our vacation." But now we are here and it is NICE!!!!
(I left out a bunch of funny details, but I didn't want to write a novel, so if you want to know the'll have to talk to me)


Brandee said...

Nicole, are you still in the states or have you already returned to the island? If you are here in the states email me a phone # to get in contact with you. I would love to talk to you!!

Cluff Family said...

I AM soo sorry!! That totally stinks!! I hope the rest of your break is going better! After you told me you missed a flight, I could just imaging how the rest of the trip home went! YIKES! I definitely want to hear more of the funny details! It is a good thing you have a good attitude about it! What else can you do when the crap hits the fan but laugh! Cant wait to hear how the rest of the trip went!

ashreims said...

I hope the ride back goes a little better!!!! I can't wait to hear all the funny details!