Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trunk Or Treat Time

Since noon today, I have been in a panic trying to get Halloween costumes ready for Cedar Bluff's annual Trunk-or-Treat!  I had Taryn's costume mostly finished and somewhat of Tyson's completed.  Needless to say, it was down to the wire.  I made both of their costumes this year and I can honestly say it was worth it, but I may not do it next year!  Whew!  It was a lot of work.
In the end, I had 45 minutes to paint faces and garnish kids in their outfits, before we needed to leave the house.  Yeah, time was not on my side.  Here I am trying to put make up on Taryn.  Notice how half the mascara is on her eye lids and not the eye lashes.  ARG!  Very hard to put it on a 4 year old, but we did it and she was finished.
Next came the task of turning my boy into a scary Frankenstein   Not an easy task, mind you.  Here are the beginning efforts.
The end result was actually better that I expected it to be.  I cut the bottom off of a milk carton and covered it in black duct tape.  (I love duct tape!)  Then I added felt for the hair in the front.  We then took a hanger and pinned it upside down, inside his shirt to make it look like he had broad shoulders.  I made fleece patches which we safety pinned to his pans and his shoes were made out of Kleenex boxes wrapped in the black duct tape.  This was truly a home made costume.
 Taryn's skirt is completely made up of tulle.  I saw something similar to it on Pinterest and figured I could duplicate it.  I found the hat in Target for a dollar and covered it in tulle as well.  She has this darling little Halloween shirt that went with it perfectly.  The hardest part was the criss crossing of the orange, green and purple tulle.  I had to have Taryn wear the skirt and hold still while I first pinned it all and then secured it by hand sewing it.  It took me about 3 hours to complete this part.  It had to be done in intervals, because after 45 minutes of holding as still as she could, the little princess had had enough.  Can't say I blame her.  But when I went to put the skirt on her, it was so heavy it kept falling off of her waist.  So I quickly took the remainder of the tulle and made a little suspender.
 Doesn't he look great?  I loved how it turned out.  Better than I could have wished for it to look.

 My beautiful little witch.  Oh she is cute if I do say so myself.  And because of all the work of this outfit, we will be wearing it again next year!
 Beautiful witch
 Scary Frank
 A close up of his shoes that we made.
 A close up of her skirt.
 I love this little outdoor picture of her.   
 He is ready to Trunk-or-Treat

 The little witch and the costume maker.

 This is what Trunk-or-Treat looks like at CBES.  It is massive and can take a long time to get through, but luckily this smart momma got there early and we only had to wait 15 minutes to start the candy hording.
 Trunk-or-Treating.  Everyone said the kids were so cute and original.  Tyson's own teacher, Mrs. Craft, didn't recognize him.  Love it!
 This was his class's trunk that the kids help decorate.
 Those are the nastiest teeth I have ever seen.  They came with the make up kit and totally added to his look.

We went through the line of cars and the kids' bags were chuck full of candy.  Tomorrow night is our ward Trunk-or-Treat, so more candy on the way.  Now that their costumes are finished, I have to figure out what I am going to do for the trunk of my car to decorate it.....


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

your costumes are A.MAZ.ING! I am totally going to have to remember them to copy later...such cute little spooks!