Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taryn Is 4 Years Old

I am 4 years old today!  
I am beyond myself to think that my baby girl is now four.  She is growing up too fast and I wish I could turn back the time, and yet I love her at this age.  I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said, "A Mickey Mouse pancake."  Easy.  And then I placed a candle in the middle, because... it was her birthday!!
Grandma T told her that she had to open the little gift she was sent.  (We had to wait for Dad and Tyson to get home before opening up anything else).  But this one could be opened.  It was a little pink, leopard hand bag with money inside.  So I took Taryn to the one place she has been begging to go to since we moved to Knoxville, Build-a-Bear Workshop.  She has wanted to go in this store and make a bear and always asks if she can every time we go to the mall.  Today I gave in and took her there.  I let her pick out whatever animal she wanted and the clothes to match.  The happiness on her face was worth every penny.
After making her Hello Kitty Bear, we had Chick-fil-a for lunch.  My favorite and Taryn's too.  And since I told the lady who was helping us that it was Taryn's birthday, she got a free ice cream.  Taryn was in heaven.
After eating we rode up and down the escalator a few times, cause she thinks that is the coolest, and then we went into the Disney Store to browse.  Christmas is coming up and I need ideas.  Never can start to early I say.
Once home, we took pictures with her new friend by her decorated door.  It has become tradition at our house that we decorate the kids' doors when it is their birthdays.  I enjoy doing it.
After pictures and some music practicing, Tyson came home from school and we had to focus on home work and Halloween costumes. (more on that later).  Taryn never asked once about opening her presents early.  She knew that she had to wait for dad to get home.  Tyson, on the other hand, was chomping at the bit to open them, and it isn't even his birthday.  Funny kid!
Dad finally got home and it was down to the "Real" business of the day.  She was so dainty at first; just barely taking off the paper.  Then she realized she didn't have to be careful and rippppped away!
She got a Princess Tiana dress up dress from Uncle Mark, Aunt Jen and the kids.  She loved it because, as she put it, "I don't have that one."
Next came a Barbie video from Tyson.  (I love the $5.00 bins at Wal-mart.  You can find treasures in there if you are willing to look.)

Papa and Grandma Jackson gave her a new coat for the winter.  (We desperately needed that one).
It was pink and so she loved it.  As long as something has a princess on it or the color pink, this girl is happy!
Look at Tyson.  He was so eager to help her if she needed him.  He reminded me of the vulture waiting for his chance at the spoils!  ha ha ha
Grandma Karen sent Taryn a gorgeous pink afghan she had made.  It was beautiful.  Again, look at Tyson's face.  Priceless!
Yes, she is the champion!
Tyson made her a "Big Book of Boo Boo's" to go with her next present.
 Tyson was so excited for Taryn to open this gift.  He wanted it to be first but it had to be the grand finale.
 Taryn got her Doc McStuffins' doctor kit.  She has been wanting this for months.  And I have been searching all over Tennessee for months and this is no joke.  Every Toys-R-Us has been out of stock of this particular toy.  It is "the" toy to have right now.  So when we were back in Utah, I tracked one down at the Wal-mart in Cedar City.  I was over joyed that I had found it.  I didn't know what I was going to do if we didn't get one, because that is all she has talked about for months.
Her happy face was worth it all!

This was one grateful and happy kid.  I love giving presents when it is something that they have pined over for months and months.  It makes the giving of it, that much sweeter.
 Cake time.  Ha ha ha.  Look at her thinking about her wish.  She was very deep in thought.
Okay I am ready to blow out the candles.

 It took several tries, but she eventually blew them all out.  
 The pumpkin bar cake was a hit and she was one happy kiddo. 
 Tyson is a bottomless pit these days and ate more cake than all of us.  He is going to have a tummy ache tonight I just know it.
It was such a great day and I know Taryn loved it because she told me, "Mom, this is the best day ever!"  Yes!  That is what I like to hear.  Love you baby girl!


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

I loved this post. So fun and such a beautiful girl! She deserved a Happy Birthday!