Friday, October 26, 2012

Trunk-or-Treat Church Style

 Tonight's Trunk-or-Treat wasn't as stressful as last nights', due to the fact that I had the kids' costumes finished.  I did have to decorate a trunk and that was done in a hurry.  Tyson asked me, as we were driving to the church, what I was decorating the trunk to look like.  I replied, "I have no idea.  We will see what I brought with me and then go from there." Yes, that is how I roll these days, by the seat of my pants!   
 Just love these two.  Their makeup was actually fun to put on tonight because I wasn't in a rush and had plenty of time to add some details.

 I tried to get Taryn to wear the purple eyelashes we bought for her, but after them being on for about a minute, she wanted them off.  I need to teach her the beauty of eye lashes.
 Tyson got an extra scar tonight across his head.  I meant to do that one last night, but ran out of time.
 This was part of the scene at the ward's Trunk-or-Treat.  Even the Elders dressed up, well...not really but we told them they had good costumes.  Ha HA
I had just enough candy to give to everyone and then I was out.  The kids had fun and there were a lot of cute trunks around.  I did add some Halloween music to mine courtesy of Vaughn's little I-pod stereo.  It made the job of handing out candy all the more sweet.