Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oaks Farms Corn Maze

 Tonight we decided, on a whim, to take the kids to a corn maze out at Oaks Farms.  We didn't leave the house till after 4 and knew this might be short, but we still wanted to go.  We had spent the morning selling popcorn for Tyson's scouts, sending out gifts to family back home and just run of the mill stuff around the house.  It was time for some fun!
 The first thing I loved, when we stepped out of the car, was the smell of a farm.  Since I grew up helping my dad on the farm, I love the smell of hay and grass and animals.  LOVE IT!
 They had these slides made out of rubber culverts that the kids could slide down.  Our kids must have gone down them 20 times.
 And we even had a hard time getting them off of the slides to go see everything else.
 Taryn is climbing up the tires to the top of the sand mountain.  
 Vaughn and I both agree...we look old!  But we don't feel it.
 They had these over sized hamster wheels you could get inside and push down a track.  Tyson did pretty good with his and only needed a little guidance from dad.
 Taryn and I, as you can plainly see, needed a bit more help.
 I was scrunched up like an accordion trying to help Taryn maneuver this massive thing around a track.  I laughed and laughed.
 In the end, Tyson's help proved to be more disastrous than not.  He would push us so hard that we would both fall inside the round apparatus and plow our faces into the side.  It was still good fun.
 Here is a candid shot Vaughn got of me cheering on Taryn as she was going down the BIG slide.
 Tyson looks like "John Deere" himself riding the little go-cart tractor in his John Deere green cap.
 He kept knocking into everyone else because he wanted to go "FAST."  Ha Ha Ha.  Luckily no one complained.
 Ah, the corn maze.  When we first got inside it, we couldn't make heads or tails of the map.  Which part were we supposed to follow.  Needless to say, we got lost for a few minutes and that was half the fun.  We then found a bridge you could climb up on top of and see where you were.  Vaughn finally figured out the map and we got through one maze and then the second one.
 Don't I looked thrilled?
The navigator and the complainer!  She complained the whole time that she didn't want to walk anymore.  HA HA HA  Kids.  Love them.