Sunday, May 20, 2012

The "TOOTH" Tango

We had a STAND OFF between the son and I today.  It was like something you would watch in an old western movie.
   Tyson's front tooth has been hanging by a thread of skin for weeks.  I was hoping he would have lost it at grandma's before I saw him, after being gone for a few weeks, but oh no!  He wouldn't let anyone touch it!         
   It all started last night when he was wiggling it, like he does, and it started to bleed and come off the piece of skin it was attached to.  He freaked out!  I then tried to coax him into letting me just pull it but to no avail.
So after church today, before we had lunch, I tried again to pull the tooth, but he wouldn't let me near it.  I told him he had all day to pull it himself, otherwise I was going to do it before he went to bed.  He would wiggle it a little until it smarted and then he would howl and stop.  
   After his shower this evening, he said he was going to pull it out and tried to do so, and got it to come a little more and then it bled.  He saw the blood and cried that it hurt.  ONE hour, is what I worked, waited, pleaded and bartered with him to just let me pull the tooth.  I finally convinced him to tie a string around it and shut the door with the string around his tooth and the door knob.  So...this smart little momma tied the string up and around the top of the tooth, by the gums, where it was barely hanging on.  I went to tie the other end of the string to the door knob and he flipped out!  He ran away with this long piece of string hanging in his mouth.  From then on it was a back and forth battle.  I would count to three and he promised me he would pull it...1...2...3 and he would pull only enough to make the string tight and then he would cry.  I tried to explain that if he would just YANK on the string the tooth would come out before he would know it was out.  But try telling that to a half-crazed, crying 6 year old.  It doesn't work.  He wouldn't let me come within five feet of the string tied to his tooth, and if I did advance, his howling went up several decimal levels.   
   Finally after laughing and crying for the hour, I grabbed a hold of the string and told him I was going to count to three and pull.  He fought me and didn't want me to pull.  I finally pulled, after counting to two and out it came. Then he was laughing and so proud of himself!!!  OH BROTHER!  It was all smiles.  What a deal!  I am exhausted and ready for bed.  Hope the tooth fairy has money tonight.  This boy earned it!