Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Easter

So blogger and I are having a love/hate relationship right now.  I will usually upload my pictures for my blogs
and then blog about them when I have time.  And before, I was able to keep the date the uploads took place. All of the sudden, blogger has changed my dates around and now will not let me access my blog in Explorer.  I have to access it in Google Chrome.  So...This blog post is for April 8th.

The Easter Bunny left Easter candy all over our house this morning.  The kids got up and saw their baskets sitting at the top of the stairs with a note from the Easter Bunny telling them to find the hidden candy he had left.  They were down the stairs and hunting for luscious candy filled eggs in no time.

Tyson was such a generous big brother and instead of finding all the candy and hording it for himself, he helped Taryn find it as well.  Such a good kid.  Just love my little boy!

All smiles, at 7:00a.m.  Their baskets were overflowing with the goodies they had found, and then...it was time to get ready for church.

My handsome son and darling daughter.  Taryn had on such a cute yellow dress, but it was chilly outside as well as inside, and she insisted on wearing her PINK jacket.  (The girl lives for pink)

Church was great!  I sang in the choir, first time in a year, and the kids sat down with the Winters.  Vaughn had to work today, but the ward I am in always steps up when I am alone and helps out if I need it.
After church it was a rush home to change, have a quick little lunch and then it was time to dye Easter Eggs.

Look to the top left...that one broke the second I put it in.  Drat!

Counters lined and ready for coloring.

This is the first time Taryn was actually old enough to dye the eggs pretty much by herself.  She loved the pink one the best!

Tyson was an expert at the dying process.  He is an old pro at this!

We bought glitter eggs this year. One, because Taryn wanted them and two, well...because Taryn wanted them and she was with me that day when I bought the stuff.  So she wins!  This little apparatus is the glitter chamber.

All glittered and done.  Now it was time to get stuff ready for Easter Dinner with the Barnes.  Kyle and Heather Barnes invited our family to join their family over at her mom's house.  It was a great time!  The dinner was fabulous, all made by her mother.  (She wouldn't allow us to do anything and that was great because after eating her delicious home cooking, mine would have spoiled it)  It was yummy!

There family had a tradition of hiding Easter Eggs all over Heather's mom's yard.  They have a "special" egg called the GOLDEN EGG, that if found, contains money in it.  I brought a bunch of eggs to add to the mix and the adults had a fun time scattering and hiding eggs for the kids to find.  Here they all are, running for eggs.

I had to help Taryn out a bit.  She wasn't too sure where to look.

I also helped Winston find a few eggs.  He just wanted to eat the candy he had found already.

This was trouble times two. They were all over the place looking for the GOLDEN EGG!

We hid eggs everywhere possible.  Taryn found some that I had hidden in the branches of the tree.

Tyson thought he found the GOLDEN EGG but it turned out to be filled with jelly beans.  They searched and searched for about 15 minutes.

Finally, Ava found the GOLDEN EGG!  Tyson was a little disappointed that a "girl" had found it before him.  His reaction was comical.  I wish I would have had a video camera.

The kids checking out their "loot."

What a great way to spend Easter.  I didn't have to eat for two days because I had stuffed myself silly.  Thank Barnes Family for the fun time!


Perpetuity said...

I love this last one of Ava and Tyson! Good times:)