Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Fam Came To Play

Post Date = March 22nd-26th, 2012

These are faces of joy.  My niece Jaelyn and Taryn.  Showing off their look-a-like hairdos.  Our family was so glad to have Vaughn's brother Mark and his family come to visit us for a few days.  We haven't seen them in two years.  Jen, my sister-in-law, has had a new baby since we last saw them and is pregnant with anther.  I loved having them come to visit and hope they come again soon.  We spent the first half of the day at a park up in Farragut, TN while Tyson was a school.

Taryn is a swing girl.  If there are swings at a park, that is all she wants to do.  Undercats and Underdogs are her favorite words on the swings.  Jaelyn and Cole also wanted to swing.

This is my newest niece Madelyn.  She is a cutie pie!  She wasn't keen on letting Vaughn or I hold her until the second night they were at our house.  She wouldn't go to sleep with the other kids and so Jen let her come downstairs to watch a movie with all of us adults.  I had some popcorn and she became my best friend, cause I would share.  She let me hold her and everything.  And then...the next day...she didn't like me again.  How fickle.  HA HA HA  Can't say I blame her, she just met me.

On Saturday, we all went to Tyson's soccer game.  The kids hung out on the blanket to cheer their brother and cousin on.

Vaughn, Mark and Adrian hanging out shooting the bull during the game.

After a while the kids got bord of watching and decided to rid the field of it's dandelions.  HA HA! What ever it takes to keep them happy.

Tyson is the one on the far right.  They were getting instructions from Coach Moro.  He is a great coach!

Tyson takes after the ball.  He scored a goal on this run.  He is learning to understand more of the dynamics of the game and he loves playing it.

Tyson making the corner kick to his teammates.

After the soccer game, we took our cousins to DOLLYWOOD!  We had so much fun because it rained while we were there and so a lot of people left, but we stuck it out and the lines were down to nothing. We got on and off rides fast.  The kids had a ball.  Tyson is able to ride all of the rides.  He and his dad went on the Flying Eagle ride.  The newest ride in the park.  It is a crazy roller coaster ride and at first Tyson was scared but then he loved it after riding it.

Here is a shot of Vaughn, Tyson, Mark and Jaelyn riding a water ride.  They got wet and then were cold the rest of the time.

We took the train ride around the park.  Obviously Tyson was glad.

So was Taryn and Cole.

Madelyn, not so much.  She wasn't too sure about it all.  Uncle Mark had a ball!

Sunday was General Conference and then a day at World's Fair Park.  Madelyn enjoyed the swings.

The dad's played a little game of football.

My cute nephew Cole.

Jaelyn and Taryn loving the tire swing.

Jen, Mark, Madelyn, Cole and Jaelyn.  The time was too short and we wanted them to stay longer.  Taryn even had it all figured out.  Vaughn could deliver Aunt Jen's baby, Uncle Mark could find a job in Knoxville, Jaelyn could go to school with Tyson and Cole could go with her to preschool.  And she could help babysit Madelyn when Aunt Jen has the baby.  HA HA HA.  Seems so simple, right?  Anyhow, we love you guys and are so glad you came to visit.  Can't wait for you all to come back!