Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time With the Firemen

Yes, he is riding inside the Metro Fire Truck.  A month ago, Tyson's scout group went to the fire station to work on one of his requirements towards becoming a Wolf scout.  We didn't make that outing due to a conflict in schedules.  Luckily for us, Tyson has a great scout master, Mike Masters, who was wonderful enough to set up a private tour for Tyson.  We were able to fulfill the requirements for scouts and have some cool experiences as well.
They not only allowed him to ride in the fire truck but one of the fire fighters put on all of the gear and showed Tyson what each piece of equipment was used for.  We also got a rare look at their night goggles that they use for seeing in dark places.  They showed us their heat seeker device that helps them find people in a fire.  They were cool devices.
These guys just rolled out the red carpet for us and showed Tyson so many things that his scout group didn't get to see.  That was so kind of them.

The fire fighters showed Tyson how they extend the ladder and use it to climb to tall buildings and to spray water high up on tall fires.  It was neat!

That water pressure would roll you over and over.  It is pretty powerful.

It was a really fun and informative experience.  Tyson enjoyed it and we are finally finished with all of his Tiger Scout requirements.  Now he can advance to a wolf.