Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The First Day Of Summer For The Jacksons

Yep! We went to the first of many trips to the YMCA pool. Luckily none of us were fried by the 96 degree heat and almost 100% humidity. (remind me why I like Tennessee, oh yeah, the winters rock!!! Just gotta make it through the next 3 months and we are set) Tyson, Taryn and myself stuck out like little white beacons because of the fact that our legs and arms haven't seen sun for a while. Needless to say, people needed sunglasses to look at my white legs. HEE HEE
I feel bad enjoying the time at the pool, while Vaughn works his tail off. He is now doing a month rotation of Surgery and getting up at 3:30a.m. is going to kick his butt. About ten days ago, we started on a new chemo medicine. The other one wasn't doing all that it needed to do, so Dr. Hanna, the oncologist, wanted to switch and get this stuff into remission, now! The only side affect that this one has, so far, is excessive tiredness. Vaughn is good while he is at work, but the second he comes home, he eats, says hi to all of us and goes straight to bed. Poor guy. I will be glad when this whole summer is over for him. Not that I would wish my summer away, but his is going to be a hard one. No rest for the weary. Back to the sun tomorrow.


The Conway's said...

Enjoy summer vacation! Still keeping Vaughn in our thoughts and prayers...thanks for the updates

Daisie said...

You like Tennessee because it's not Sno-mageddon 6 months out of the year! Been thinking about you guys and wondering how Vaughn's been doing. Glad to hear he's able to go to work, but can't imagine how tired he must be! Keeping you guys in our prayers!!