Monday, May 30, 2011

1st Lost Tooth

Not only are we finished with Kindergarten, but now we are hitting another milestone.....loosing a tooth! Tyson wiggled and wiggled this one for days, and finally asked us to pull it. So we tried the string-on-the-tooth trick where you slam the door and supposedly the tooth comes out...yeah, didn't work. Next, Vaughn stuck his finger in there to pull it out but Tyson didn't like that at all. Last resort, get out the medical pliers and pull out the little bugger. I was surprised that Tyson even allowed his dad to do this, but it was his idea. So with the pliers clamped down and Tyson balking a little, we pulled out the tooth. He was ecstatic to see the tooth suspended in the pliers grip and then he tasted the blood.......tears flowed after that! He didn't realize that a little blood would come with the pulling of the tooth and he was not a happy camper. After about 10 minutes he calmed down and was happily putting his tooth in an envelope with a note to the tooth fairy.
And now......the other one is loose!


Daisie said...

Wow! Love the new look of your blog! I don't think I've checked in for a while and it sounds like you guys are doing great! CONGRATS to Tyson on losing his first tooth!! (Watch out, they get somewhat addicted after the tooth fairy's first visit!! hahaha!!)