Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last Soccer Game

My little all star soccer player. Tyson has been playing soccer with Upward Soccer this spring.
Today was his last game, and by the look on his face you can tell it was a good one. We started soccer without knowing anything about it. Tyson wanted to play so bad that we took a plunge and 3 months later he has turned into a pretty good little player.

Here is our little player running towards the ball. Tyson was always in the middle of the pack trying to get the ball away from the other team. Tyson and Zander. These two became fast friends on the first day of practice. (Zander reminds us of Tyson's buddy on St. Marteen: Peyton Laney) These two worked well together on the field. They would pass to each other and look where the other was to pass the ball and get it up the field.Everyone received one of these cool soccer trophies. This is Tyson's first trophy and he thought he was pretty neat. Not only did he get the trophy, play a great game, and have fun, but he also got this really nice back pack. Sweet! Now I don't have to buy a new back pack for school next year! He had such a great time playing soccer that we will do it again next spring. It was a great program. They really emphasised learning the basics, team work and having fun. I really enjoyed it, and I know that Tyson loved it! Great Job buddy!