Monday, June 6, 2011

My Front Yard

Back towards the end of April, my mom came out to help me with about one million little projects I hadn't been able to get started or finished. One of these projects was my front yard. I wanted to plant flowers and veggies, but I have never planted anything in my life. Thank goodness my mom has a green thumb.

This picture and the ones that follows are what it looked like before we got started.

See the mound of mulch on the right side, I had to dig that up before we could do anything. I started weeks before my mom came and I know that sounds like a good amount to time to finish something like this, but I didn't have a wheelbarrow to move the mulch. I had my little bucket. took a while!

This plant was so pretty when we first moved in, but I think the sun killed it last year. So I dug it all up as well.

Here is what the island looked like after I finished with it. I like the rocks. They make it look very polished. And the up keep is easy.The right side of the yard. I cannot believe that I really did this. I usually kill anything plant like, but this is what is looks like 2 months later. This is the left side. In between the two bushes is a little plant of peppers. I hope they grow something more than just green leaves.
The whole yard, finished. I love it. Thanks to Melinda, the gal who I rent from, for letting me arrange the front yard how I wanted. And thanks mom for showing me how to plant flowers and take care of them.

On a side note: we planted pumpkins and tomatoes in the back. I have lots of green tomatoes and my pumpkin vines are as tall as Tyson. Maybe I can grow "green leafy things" after all.


Daisie said...

Wow Nicole, your yard looks AWESOME!! Love the look of the rocks--brilliant!

Holly said...

Can you help me with my yard next year? I am so impressed.