Friday, October 15, 2010

Grandma & Papa Jackson Came To Visit

Oh, did we get SO LUCKY!! Grandma and Papa Jackson came to visit us!! YEAH!! The kiddos were on cloud nine that their grandparents were coming to see them in Tennessee and watch all their ball games and little productions and just plain have fun with them. They flew in on a day when Tyson was playing a T-ball game. They got to see him hit and run and throw the ball. He was so excited to have family, other than Vaughn, Taryn and I, to watch him in his sport.It didn't take miss Taryn long to warm up to her Papa, especially when he took her to McDonald's for lunch and a happy meal. (That will make her warm up to just about anyone). I think Papa and grand daughter were joined at the hip most of the time.
Tyson and Papa playing air hockey. Tyson was thrilled to play his Papa on the air hockey table at McDonald's. They played for about an hour with each one winning several games. It was like watching two little boys playing around. My heart was full that day!Since we don't get to see our family all that much living out here in Tennessee, we have to take lots of pictures with them when they are here. Taryn is all about saying"Cheese" and posing these days for the camera, so she was happy to sit and take lots of photos.
She even roped Grandma Jackson into playing puzzles for many hours.

The three cheerers with my new piano. While my in laws were here they bought us a piano for our home. I cried and was over joyed. I have wanted a piano for so long, to be able to play the children's songs during Family Home Evening or just to play the hymns. I don't' have to wait any longer. Thanks Grandma and Papa.
The kids and I took Grandma Jackson to World's Fair park, while Vaughn took his dad to see a Tennessee Football game.
Grandma Jackson and the kids in front of the fountain at World's Fair Park. After the game, and since it was little Vaughn's birthday and it had been Papa's birthday a few days before that, we drove over to Texas Roadhouse, where we waited for 1 hour to eat. And since we had a lot of time on our hands till we could even get inside, we took some pictures.
Taryn wanted to play instead of taking pictures so Papa had to keep grabbing the little munchkin and dragging her back into the photos.
Finally we got to eat.
Tyson and Grandma Jackson, and Papa making bunny ears in the background. Silly Papa!It is always a good time when Papa is around.
Tyson loves his Papa and enjoyed having him around to see all the things he does. He took him to his school, a T-ball game, McDonald's and all over Knoxville. Tyson loved showing off all that he knew to his grandparents.
We even drug them to church with us. Then, of course, Tyson wanted one more challenge at the air hockey table and Grandma Jackson was his opponent.
He was not easy on her, but neither was she on him. It was a good battle of skills!

Their week long stay wasn't long enough and the day came when we had to take them back to the airport. The kids hated to say "goodbye" but were good to have one last picture with Grandma and Papa before they got on the plane.We hope they come and visit us again soon!!!


The Conway's said...

So much fun! Looks like the visit was a HUGE success :)