Friday, October 15, 2010

October Fest 2010

It is FALL time....finally...except that in Tennessee fall still feels like summer. We are still sweating during the day, but the nights do cool down a little bit. Our church had a big o'party last Saturday evening they called October Fest. We headed out to one of the member's little farm. (I didn't consider it a farm, being from Circleville and all.) Our farms are real farms. This place had a barn, a few acres of land and a few fenced in corrals. I guess that is considered a farm out here. (I am used to lots of acres, lots of animals, hay, cows, barns, milking barns, hen houses etc..) But in any case it still was a good time to mingle and have good eats. They had horse rides for the kids, but Taryn wouldn't get on the horse.

She was more interested in eating her rice krispies treat.
They grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers, and then everyone was assigned to bring a side salad or dessert. YUMMY! I loved the fact that I didn't have to cook.
They had music playing, hay rides for everyone, and karaoke for anyone willing to sing in front of everyone. We left before that got underway. My kiddos were wore out and we were too. Vaughn has been working about 18 days straight and he was pooped. Still a good evening with good friends and food.