Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Back Blogging: Memorial Day

Yes, I am back blogging. We have just been having so much fun with friends and family coming to visit that the whole blog thing got placed on the back burner and now I am playing catch up. So here is the spill on Memorial Day. Our day first started out with a trek to go fishing. Papa Jackson gave Tyson a fishing pole way back in December, it was now time to try it out. Vaughn found us a little fishing hole in Troy, MI. It was a nice spot shaded and quiet. Tyson and Vaughn baited the hook with power bait and set out to catch a fish. One hour later, still no fish. Everyone else around us was catching fish, huh? We couldn't figure what we were doing wrong, until Vaughn talked to someone who told him that the fish there liked live bait, worms. OH! SO next time we go we will take LIVE bait. Who knew?
Then it was a quick jont home to change into our swimming suits and head to the Lake Village Pool Party. We let Tyson swim for about an hour and then it was a whisk back to the house to change again.
Our friends, the Johnsons, invited us and a few other families over to their house for some BBQ festivities. Vaughn and Ben enjoying the Johnson's new outdoor patio furniture. It was nice to hang out with the gang and let the kiddos run and play and the adults eat, and eat and eat. I love holidays.
George, in the hat, and Jason B. It was George's house that we had the festivities.
The gals. Linda, Bethany and Jen. This is the crowd we hang out with for events big and small alike. They are crazy and fun. It has been like having family away from home. Love them!

The only part of today that I wish I could have experienced was visiting my dad's headstone. I have only seen it in pictures. I cannot wait until Aug. when we go home for a visit and I can spend some time there. Overall, a great Memorial Day!