Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trouble Comes In Twos!

There they are Dennis the Menace and his little accomplice. Now you may think that their sweet innocent looks are just that--sweet and innocent, but let me tell you another part of the story. These two lovely children can turn my world upside down and inside out in a matter of seconds.....and the best part is............I love every second of it.

Me and the little sweethearts themselves. Aren't they cute? Tyson and Taryn are two peas in a pod. Taryn loves her big brother and he loves his little sister. The first thing that Tyson does in the mornings is come in to see Taryn and say, "Good Morning Sweetheart." It is the cutest thing. Then as she is eating her breakfast, Tyson takes great pleasure in entertaining her, and she will blow her cereal all over me and the walls with peals of laughter.Tyson is a little more impressed to take this picture than Taryn. She is still very attached to her momma. She screams if I even leave the room. And when I go out for a few minutes to work out or go out with the ladies, she is good for Vaughn for about 30 minutes then she realizes that I am really gone and not in the other room; the wheels fall off. Hopefully she will grow out of this stage soon. Tyson was never like that, but he was cared for by my mother-in-law after he was born while I went back to work. So he was used to being around others, Taryn......not-so-much.They do play well together. Tyson always wants to know if Taryn can play with some toy. He wants her to play with him. I am so glad that he loves her so much. This little pistol is growing like a weed. She now has six teeth and is seven months old. She is trying new foods every day and likes most of them. She is sitting up all by herself and if she wasn't so rolly polly she would crawl, but her little chubby legs and belly prevent her from doing so.Who knew that a box would entertain a 3 year old for hours. So much for buying toys, Tyson just likes the boxes they come in, or in this case, Taryn's diaper boxes.
Taryn does not like wearing socks. She will pull them off or wiggle them off so that her feet are free. she loves to sit and play and hit her hands on her legs. She is also showing a shy/flirty side to her dad. She will smile at him and then turn her head down as if she is shy. It is too cute! This is the fun stage of babies and I am so glad it is here.


Jason and Ashley Conway said...

The kiddos are getting so big! Taryn is really starting to look like Tyson. Such a cute little family