Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Princess

Someday, when she is older, she isn't going to like the fact that I stuck these pictures on our blog for the world to see.....but until then.........I am going to show off my little princess's, chubby rolls and all. She has these two front teeth that make her smile so gosh darn cute and funny. We all get a kick out of making her smile just to see the teeth. And she loves to show them off.

Notice the Mohawk going down the middle of her hair. Taryn has very little hair and what hair she does have is still standing straight up in the air. (Plus it is getting lighter with each passing week. She might end up being my blond girl) It doesn't matter what I do, it still stands up, so I decided to stop fighting and just bring all the "UP" hair together in a Mohawk. Hey, it is the 2009 do for babies. I love her double chin. (Taryn, this is the only time that people will say your double chin is adorable, so soak it all in.) She is getting bigger and bigger every day. She still doesn't want to crawl or even be on her stomach. She would rather sit or better yet have us hold her up, standing. I wonder if she will ever crawl. I bet she will walk instead of crawling. She is a girl who wants things her way, and I bet she will be the same way with walking. I cannot believe she is growing up so fast. What a blessing she and my Tyson are in mine and Vaughn's lives.


Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

Love the pictures. Miss and love you guys!