Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am 8 Months Old

Since my mom is such a slacker at her blog lately (HE HE), I will write about my own milestone. I turned 8 months today. I weight over 22 pounds and I am very tall. I wear size 12 month clothes and even those are beginning to get small. Here I am in my America shirt. Maybe someday I will be the next Miss America.....who knows??

I love to show off my teeth every chance I get. I have 3 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth and I love to chew anything, mostly mom's shoulder. I am eating all kinds of foods and I just started liking formula with my lunch and dinner. (I won't drink it any other time.) I also still have my spiky hair. My mom cannot do anything else with it!
I love my bath. I could stay in the water for hours if my mom would let me. However, even though I love the tub, I don't really like the pool. I would rather be naked instead of in a bathing suit, so the tub works for me. I love to laugh and play with my big brother Tyson, and he is the only one who can make me laugh; that is probably because he is so silly. I am a growing girl and every day I change. Thanks for reading about me!