Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grandma T Came For A Visit!

We have been so fortunate to have family come and visit us lately. Not only did we get the treat of Aunt D a few weeks ago, but we get Grandma T this week. Tyson has been bouncing off the walls all day up until we picked her up this afternoon. He couldn't wait to get his "capes." Grandma T promised to make him some Batman and Superman capes, and she came through with flying colors. Thanks so much mom! The above picture is the Superman cape.

And The Dark Knight, Batman aka Tyson, sporting the other cape. He was like a kid at Christmas.
I didn't waste any time putting mom to work. Once we got home and settled, I had her in the kitchen helping me make strawberry jam. I know, what a slave driver I am, but I only have her for one week and I don't want to waste a moment of it and her talents that I need so desperately. Tyson was all about the blending of the strawberries. He loves to help out in the kitchen. I hope that leads over to his older phases in life.
Taryn has changed so much since my mom last saw her. She is about 12 pounds heaver and a whole lot more fun. Grandma T spent some much needed time with her grand daughter and grandson today.

Grandma T helped Tyson give Taryn her first horsey ride. Tyson thought he was big time. He was the one giving the horsey ride instead of mom or dad. Look at that grin. We have so much planned to do while Grandma T is here. I don't think we will sleep much.