Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day Five, Motorcross and Easter Eggs

Check out that air! Holy Cow is all I have to say about that. Today we took mom and the family up north Michigan to a Motocross event. And WHOA was it expensive. It was 80 dollars to go in, but if you just stayed for the day they refunded 1/2 your money. GEEZ! It was a beautiful clear day, but it was not warm. It was very chilly and the wind was not helping matters. So we were bundled to the hilt.Tyson is ready for the races to begin. He was bundled up well, funny thing is not only was it cold but the SUN was out and this mommy didn't think of sunscreen. DUH! Needless to say both of my kids and my husband were crisp critters in the face. I didn't get sunburned, because my makeup has SPF 20 in it. What are the odds!Yes we were bundled from the cold, but she fell asleep and the side of her face closest to the sun, got FRIED!!!! Oh I am such a bad mommy!!You can start to see the frying of the cheek. Oh those little kissable cheeks are a bit crispy!Grandma T and Tyson. Tyson had so much fun watching all the races and he would pick out a racer, for each race and cheer them on. It was so funny. He would yell for them each time they passed by. He now informed us that he wants a motorbike. Oh no! And so it begins....
Dad and daughter. This is so cute. Taryn loves time with daddy!
These guys were so cool to watch.
After the motocross festivities, we headed home to put aloe vera on our wounds and then color Easter eggs. Tyson picked the Tie-Dyed egg dye. It was pretty neat to watch Tyson do this all by himself.The process consisted of him putting drops of ink into a plastic bag with the egg inside, and then rubbing the ink all over the egg, without rubbing it all over him. YA RIGHT! We had nice colored hands at the end, but what would Easter egg coloring be without colored hands. I mean come a little.I even got into the spirit of things, and yes my hands are still colored.

Tyson and his colored eggs. He was so proud of his work. I thought he did a good job. Easter tomorrow and the Easter bunny and Easter CANDY my favorite.