Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day Three...The Dentist and a Day with Grandma.

Today was filled with Grandma T helping out me and the kiddos. Taryn and I had a meeting at the county offices this morning and Tyson was left with Grandma for the morning. This meeting was only supposed to last 1 hour, but it turned into 3. ARG! I hate that! By the time we returned, I had 1 hour to eat lunch, feed Taryn and get prepared to go to the dentist. (I have to mentally prepare myself for the dentist. I have a lot of fear when it comes to the dentist). Grandma T was left with both kids as I headed off to get my teeth fixed. I just prayed that Taryn was good and not the screaming baby she can be. My dental appointment went smoothly and I didn't have to get as extensive of a repair as I was thinking, thank goodness. By the time I got back, no one was home. I found Grandma and grand kids out for a walk and Taryn had been asleep for almost the whole time I was gone. And.....she didn't even cry! WHOA! Grandma T is hired! I wish she lived closer. I have no idea how the heck I would have handled this day without her help. It is days like this that I wish we lived closer to family. Thanks so much mom!


Wendy Lou said...

We share the same agony! I DREAD the dentist or anyone else prying into my mouth. HATE is the best description! Miss you guys!