Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Six, Easter Sunday

Deer in the headlights look. Grandma T was all about getting a morning shot of Taryn, and she got it. What a look. It was Easter Sunday and the Easter bunny came with his candy for Tyson.Tyson didn't quite understand why all the candy was hidden all over the place, or why his eggs that he had colored were hidden as well. So we had to explain that the Easter bunny hides the eggs and leaves candy. He has never had a real Easter, since his first 2 were on the island and the last one we were moving to Michigan. So we had to explain what was going on and after the explanation he was all about finding the eggs and the candy. Taryn was all about watching her big brother find all the goodies. The Easter Bunny was a slick little rabbit, he hid eggs all over the place. We had to help him find a few that were well concealed.He picked out his basketball Easter basket. He loves anything associated with basketball. Tyson made a haul. What a nice Easter Bunny. We have been on a sugar high ever since.Thanks to Grandma T, we had a family picture taken. This is a rare occasion for us all to be ready for church early, and be able to have a picture taken without tears. Oh how cute! I just love my little family. The funny thing is that I didn't plan on the coordination with the boys and the girls. Funny how that works out.That is the cutest picture of a brother and his little sister that I have ever seen. Love my babies.We took one to many pictures, so by the time we got to Grandma T's, Taryn wasn't hearing it. She was ready to be done! The girl can scream as you can see by the face she is making.
Church was great and the kiddos were good. We got home, had a wonderful lunch and then Tyson fell asleep. We let him sleep for about an hour and then woke him up to go and roll Easter eggs. He had wanted us to roll them this morning but we didn't have time. So now that the light was beginning to fade, we went to go roll Easter eggs. The walk there wasn't pretty, Tyson was mad for some crazy reason. We went to the park by our house and it has a little hill, perfect for rolling eggs. He and Grandma T got to the top and the tears began to flow.
The standoff between Grandma T and Tyson. Hmmm....who is going to win?Obviously Tyson won this battle. He didn't want to roll one egg and when Grandma T tried to roll one for him, to get him started, he ran after it, put it back in his basket and began to stomp home. This whole time, Vaughn, Taryn and I were standing at the bottom of the hill and we laughed from start to finish. It was so funny to see him throw such a tantrum over something so little. WOW! The air was filled with cries and screams as we walked back home. Once inside the house, Tyson went back into his room, shut the door and went back to sleep. HUH! An interesting Easter day was had by the Jacksons.