Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Me?

First off, look at the cute picture of my handsome son who informed me that he was wearing all of his shoes to the BBQ we were attending on Sunday. AH How Cute!!

Now for the story that fits the title. Friends of our from church invited us over for a little BBQ last Sunday around 4 o'clock. They live in a pretty big house in some nice neighborhood in Lake Orion. They have a great BIG back yard and they had a volleyball net set up and a slip-n-slide for the kids to play with. Needless to say, the afternoon was great, good food, good friends, funny converstation, until..............Tyson was dressed after playing in the water. He and the other kids were watching a cartoon in one room while the mommas were chatting in the other and the dads were playing badmitten outside. Tyson came up to me and said, "Mom, my bottom is wet." I just figured he must have set on some other kid's wet towel. I took him into the bathroom and WHOA!! The poor kid had "filled his shorts." He was so embarrassed. (I have to put in that he is almost potty trained and hasn't had an accident since May) He started to cry as we took off the shorts and soiled underware.

I put them in the toilet to wash them out, but Tyson needed attending to. SO.......to make a long story short, I was cleaning him up and putting the tissue in the toilet, he saw the dirty tissue in the toilet and FLUSHED IT, toilet paper and dirty underware and all. I dove to snatch the underware before it went down into the depths of the sewer, but my reflexes aren't as good as they once was. HA HA HA I wanted to die. I flushed the toilet again just to make sure it would flush again and thankgoodness it did. I finished cleaning up Tyson and the bathroom and came out wondering what the heck I was going to tell Bethany. (I have only known here for about 3 months) Being pregnant, I was close to tears as I relayed the story to her and the other ladies and to my surprise she laughed. She said, "Oh I am sure that is the most mild thing that has gone down our toilets. I have 4 kids and they have flushed numerous things down it and it still works." I was relieved, embarrassed, but releived. I then had to get Vaughn, because Tyson needed to go home, he didn't like not having any underware on under his shorts. So then I had to relay the story yet again and George, the guy whose house we were at, laughed too. He is the type to be very scarcastic and I knew I was going to hear it. He held back, thankfully, I think I would have cried if he didn't and I think he knew that. I am sure he will hit me with it at church this week. ARG!!!! Why do these things happen to me????


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Ha ha ha! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he flushed the toilet. I bet your face was priceless. I left this comment on another friends blog who was having a bad day, I thought you would enjoying you are not alone in your bad karma!

Imagine yourself chatting with family in a playground at Carl's Jr. You've just hardened your arteries with a big cheese burger, large fries, and washed it down with an iced Dr. Pepper. As you glance around the room, in your mind you're replaying the conversation with your SIL as you walked in the door, who happens to work for DCFS, "Don't let them play in the balls. They are so filthy." Your reply "They don't have balls, but honestly, I swear a kid pees their pants half the time when we come to one of these places." Later your food is gone and you are enjoying the conversation when out of a one inch hole in the bottom of the train above your table a conspicious liquid is pouring out onto the table and splashing everywhere. Everyone scatters, someone remembering to grab your infant in his carrier out of the way. the fleece blanket covering him is already wet. You say "Someone must've had a drink up there..." The slow motion begins when your 5 year old comes running up to you, "Mom, sister peed her pants, she really did..." Your reply, in a loud exasperated voice "What the hell?" Did I forget to mention that my sweet little 3 year old was in a dress with winter tights? And that she hadn't peed her pants in 6 months? And, her newest uncle, only a week in the family, had to climb to the top of the playland to retrieve her because she was scared and couldn't find her way down. If only I could be as relaxed as the mom munching her fries and reading her novel. "No kids, we don't have to go, just don't play in the pee." I told the little worker who naively entered the playland with mop, "Sorry, this has to be in the top ten worse days of work for you ever." Urine and playlands, I hope this at least made you smile!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah i'm sure that every mom has a horror story like that... i know i have my fair share... hahaha
like yesterday... i went to my son's school to pick him up... this is only his 2nd day mind you... i'm extremely paranoid about him being kidnapped... and i get there and find his backpack and his blanket and his art work... head back to the playroom that they're in in the evenings... no coen... WAIT NO COEN!! so i go over to the other side to see if they had brought him in with the older kids... AGAIN NO COEN!!! ok i'm getting rather frantic (and probably irrational)... go RUNNING to the other side to see if i'd just missed him... nope he for sure was NOT there... how do they lose my son!?!?!?! so me and a teacher start looking in the bathrooms, kitchen, play areas, outside... where do we find him?? sitting behind a bookcase reading a book... i was so happy to see him and i think i scared him... his response "mommy she wouldn't let me read a book and it's a really good book!!" fyi... he can't read! he's only 3... haha