Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tyson's Pirate Birthday Party

Tyson turns 3 on September 1st, but since that is on a Monday and kids are getting ready for school the next day, we decided to have his party today. (I cannot believe I have a 3 year old) He woke up ready to party and was trying to get into all the party stuff. It took a lot to distract him from all the arrangements. But soon it was time for the party. We invited about 13 kids and told them to be ready for a pirate party.
We had the party at a park located about 2 seconds from our house. I love outside parties. Clean up is minimal, and the kids can run and play and have a great time while we set up.

Wal-mart provided the cake. It was all made out of cupcakes, which meant I didn't have to cut a cake or serve it, the kids could help themselves.Some of the kids from the party with their pirate accessories on. (The rest were running around)A nice family shot before all the kids came. (If you look close you can see that I am sweating to death. This extra pregnancy weight wasn't helping)Happy Birthday to Tyson. He blew out all three candles at once.The cupcake "cake" was a hit with the kids. Tyson even has a blue goatee.

The kids stuffing their faces and having a ball doing it.

Here is Haylee and Kate enjoying the festivities.

Tyson got tons of great gifts. Thanks everyone for all the fun toys. And thanks to Laura and Peyton for the Dinosaur shirt and Aunt Kariann and family for the Candy Land game that came in the mail yesterday. The rest of the family gifts are being saved until Monday so we will post pictures of them being opened then. Happy birthday little man!This is a great picture of father and son. Vaughn wanted to participate in the pirate festivities so at home he dressed up for a picture. Oh how cute!!!


Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ok this is weird!! i thought your son was older than coen!?!?! weird!! such a cute party though! i love themed parties like that! and cupcakes are totall the way to go!! haha