Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm How Old?

Ok, I don't want to actually tell how old I am but let's just say that 1977 seems like a long time ago. I woke up not feeling any older until Tyson wanted to run around and play at 7:30 in the morning. OUCH! He started by singing, "Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday Mom." It was so gosh darn cute. He then wanted to know when my party was and I explained that I didn't need a party, I am a bit old for that. I teased the little tike by saying, "Did you and Daddy plan

me a party?" To which his little face contorted into this worried look and he said, "We forgot." I nearly died laughing. He was so concerned for the rest of the day that I didn't have a party. I have to keep assuring him that it was ok and that I didn't want one. I just wanted to be with my two boys and that was party enough for me.

We started the day with a morning trip to the pool. I love to sit and relax with my feet in the pool while the boys play. It was nice and relaxing. Next was to open a few gifts. Vaughn and Tyson gave me a pedicure gift certificate. I cannot wait to use it. I can't reach my toes any longer so this will be nice. Thanks to all my family and friends for the other gifts. I loved them all. (and for all the phone calls and email. Love you all)

Now since it was a birthday, I could have opted for a fancy restaurant, but that just isn't my style. I wanted a real dutch oven dinner. I haven't been able to eat dutch oven cookin' since before we left to go to the island. (which has been 2 years) I was due for this! So we went to the store and bought all the stuff, loaded up our dutch oven, which hadn't been used for a while, and headed to Bald Eagle Mountain Park. Now this isn't a mountain, not even a mole hill, but that is what people in Michigan call their parks. We should have known that Michigan parks aren't like Utah or Colorado parks, no fire pits. So we found this little spot by this lake and this little grill to somehow dutch oven cook on. This was going to be interesting.Tyson was more enthralled to play with the millions of sticks all over the grass. He didn't want to learn about the art of dutch oven cooking from his parents. Maybe some other day.Here is my handsome Vaughn cooking our potatoes. Some fire pit we have huh?In between the cooking chores, Dad and Tyson played several rounds of baseball.The potatoes and hamburgers were so yummy that I stuffed myself like a turkey. Then came my favorite part of dutch oven cooking, Peach Cobbler. Doesn't that look good.I had to post two pictures of this, because it was so yummy. And even though I was so stuffed from dinner, I still kept shoveling this delectable morsel down my throat. Nice family photo, taken by my out stretched arm. HA HA HA. It was the perfect day. I loved every minute of it and didn't want it to end. I have the best little family ever and even though our little girl isn't here yet, she sure made it known that she was present. I was kicked all day long.


Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah well Happy Birthday!! and quite hilarious that he was so concerned about your lack of a party... we had the same sort of problem with coen... his bday is may 23rd... and we celebrated the next weekend... my hubby's bday is the 15th of june... so literally back to back bdays... mine isn't til november... and coen was QUITE concerned that i wasn't getting a bday this year... haha

Cluff Family said...

So you're... 19? Oh, and yes, I am totally jealous of the dutch oven dinner! Only a few weeks and I'll be inhaling the potatos and cobbler! It looks like you had a great birthday! BTW, did you hear we got A/C in the church.... yeah, right before we leave!
Love aya girl!