Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Big Rig Park Fiesta

Last night Lake Orion had a BIG RIG Festival thingy at Friendship Park. Vaughn got home and we left around 5:30 to go and check it out. It was a fund raiser for the Fire Department, EMS, and Police around here. We paid $5 bucks and headed in for some fun. Tyson went crazy wanting to see all of the trucks at once and had a hard time waiting in line for his turn on each vehicle.
Tyson in the Fire Truck wearing an oxygen mask. He couldn't wait to be in the fire truck.
Here he is hiding in one of the monster truck tires.This car was actually a monster car. Tyson thought he was "so cool" because he got to sit in it and hang out the window.They had a few diesels there with VERY LOUD horns. The kids could get inside them and pull on the horn cords, and they honked those horns throughout the evening. Tyson got his far share of horn pulling in.My little construction kiddo!
Tyson enjoyed standing in the shovel of this tractor. He said it was like Papa Jackson's tractor, only it is yellow and papa's is green. Funny how he remembers this kind of stuff.
Oh NO! Tyson is riding in a police car. I hope this isn't a sign. LOL HA HA HATyson can't wait to go to school, but since that is a few years off, he enjoyed just sitting on the bus and waving out the window.Maybe Tyson will be on the SWAT team. He looks good in the helmet.Tyson and his dad by a cool old truck. He had a great time being around all this "boy stuff."Towards the end of the evening they had these blow up slides and Tyson wasn't leaving without being able to go down them.One last jump before we left. We had such a nice evening. It is so fun to be in a place where there are so many things to do.


Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah such fun pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! That had to be a blast for Tyson! I'm glad that Vaughn is enjoying it with you guys! I wanted to see a preggo pic though :O)! We're leaving SXM tomorrow and I'm STOKED! Miss you!