Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pool Party

Our apartment complex put on a big Hawaiian Luau on Saturday. They really put a lot of preparation into it and unfortunately it was terrible weather. Vaughn, Tyson and I were the first people to arrive around 11. Which we are never the first to anything. The weather was so cloudy that a lot of people didn't show up. They had tons of decorations, catered food, a band and games for the kids. By the time they started cooking the food, which was great, it started to rain, just a little bit. But bit by bit, it came down more and more until it was full on raining. About 25 other people were there at this time. We all ate and left. I felt bad that all this hard work was being drenched. We got some good pictures for the blog, though. And Tyson had a blast so it wasn't all in vain.
Tyson and MOM!

I had to coax Vaughn for this picture of him and Tyson, but I think it is so gosh darn cute.


Jen said...

You got to love Michigan weather. I love the picture with Vaughn and Tyson. The best part is Vaughn's face you can tell he's not impressed with you. You need to print that off as a post card. I'm sure Vaughn would love that one. Although, it would have been better with Vaughn as the hula girl.

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah that last pictures is hilarious!! Vaughn's such a good sport to do that!! Chris would NEVER do that hahaha