Thursday, July 10, 2008


Courtesy of a lady in our ward, and her daughter, we inherited a bowling set, and we love it. My friend Anne Marie, from church, asked if we would like this little bowling set and I jumped at it. (I love free toys) Tyson has loved this new toy and we play a game everyday.
I even made us a real life bowling score card which we use to keep track of how many times Tyson beats me. If you could see the scores on this card, you would notice that I suck at bowling, but that Tyson excels.An action shot of one of our games. What form huh? All I can say is this toy has been a blessing for us. It is teaching Tyson how to count, play a game, how to take turns and is giving me some time to SIT and play with him. (The pregnancy is getting to me) Thank goodness for people giving away their toys!