Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This is my very first Christmas tree. Vaughn and I have never purchased a tree before, simply because we always went to his parents' house or my parents' house. But since we are staying put for Christmas this year, we bought us a tree. I have been collecting Santa ornaments for years and I finally get to use them. YEAH!!
Our stockings are hung by the kitchen with care. I know, a little corny but when you don't have a chimney to hang them by, you go with the next best thing. This is Tyson's tree. He decorated it quite well, with a little bit of help from mom. He enjoys plugging it in every evening.

My two happy kids by the Christmas tree. Tyson asks every day if he can open up a present and I have to tell him every day, "No, not until Christmas." Then he replies, "But it is Christmas." Then I have to explain that Christmas is coming but that it is not here yet. What a kid!

Just a nice close up. Tyson is thrilled, Taryn---not so much!