Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taryn's Blessing

What a little angel in her blessing dress. By the look on her face, you can tell she is totally thrilled to be doing this. Sunday, December 8th, 2008, Vaughn blessed Taryn Jackson. He did such a nice job, and almost all the family was there. (minus Mark & Jen and kiddos, and My mom and Danielle and Jesse.)
Just as we got into church Taryn decided that it was a good time to poop her pants. And let me tell you this girl can poop! So I rushed her into the mother's room for a quick change. After a change of diaper I can hear the opening song begin, so I scooped her up and headed out the door only to have her throw up on both of us. I would be wearing black......ARG! So back into the room for another wipe down. Once the crisis was solved I went to leave again only to have her poop yet again. HELP ME!!!! Another quick change, and by this time they are finishing up announcements. As I rush out the door she throws up again, this time just on me and we head into the chapel. Perfect timing because just as I sat down and received the "Where have you been look," from Vaughn, they announced that it was time to bless her. AH!! You might be wondering how I got the above picture in the first place, it was taken just after the first poop. I had realized that in my rush of the morning I had forgotten to get a full length picture of her. So here it is on the changing pad......JEEZ!!! (Is this what happens when you have 2 kids?) Vaughn saved the day and gave her such a beautiful blessing and I quietly cried through the whole thing.
It was so nice to have family around for the weekend. Both kids enjoyed it and so did Vaughn and I. Uncle Trey is hired as permanent babysitter. He could pet her to sleep anytime.
Grandma Jackson is hired as a babysitter as well. She too could put the little princess to sleep. (Now how come Vaughn and I can't do this?)
Aunt Kariann got her to laugh. Such a cute smile. We are going to have to beat all the boys off of her.
Tyson loved the attention from Grandpa Jackson and his Uncle Brett. He got his fishing pole, he has been asking for, from Papa and they cast it all through out the house. I am shocked we didn't break anything. Tyson now wants to fish outside, Hmmmmm........We will have to wait until the ice melts.
Uncle Brett also brought Tyson presents. He brought him little Indian figurines and a turtle egg that hatched a foam turtle. Thanks you two for the gifts.
Picture of the family just after the blessing.
Our cute little family.

Grandma Jackson and Papa with the grand kiddos.

These are the two best uncles in the world. They just love the kids and my kids just love them. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and support us. We love and miss you and it was a wonderful time had by all.


Jen said...

Love the pictures. It makes me so sad that we couldn't be there. We would have loved it. Taryn is absolutely adorable and I love her blessing dress. Did someone make it for her?

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Taryn is so beautiful! I love her dress too. She looks so small snuggled up to her uncles. However, those fat little cheeks are not small, too bad you live a gazillion miles away or I could come kiss them. Then again Brant would probably poke her in the eye.

I've never had a bad pre-blessing experience with the baby but Brylin was sick the day of Paisley's and peed on the floor during sacrament meeting! Oh the joys of motherhood. Sounds like you did great, you remembered the diaper bag (a friend didn't and had a blow out) and enjoyed the beautiful blessing. And, you look as beautiful as ever!

Cluff Family said...

What an AWESOME day LOL! I sure miss you guys! How cold is it getting there? I LOVE Taryn's dress.... Did someone make it for her? Anyway, I'm glad you survived the plukeing experiences.... you are one gal who can take anything with a smile! You guys look GREAT!!