Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! Yes, I know it is a day late, but at least I posted! LOL Here is my little angel in here cute Levi jeans and flower head band. She actually kept it on for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Our Thanksgiving was great. We were invited over to the Johnson's house for Thanksgiving with the Terrys and the Sefciks. Vaughn was in charge of deep frying the turkey. It was so yummy. We bought the deep fryer at Bass Pro Shop and did a trial bird the week before. (Didn't want to ruin Thanksgiving by blowing up the bird HA HA HA)
We had more food than I ever though possible. We could have fed 50 people. I ate and ate and ate. I figured, hey, as long as I am trying to loose my pregnancy weight might as well add a few more pounds. I added those pounds with numerous helpings of turkey, stuffing, corn, potatoes, salad and several slices of pie. AH!!!!!!!!

After dinner the older kids had games and little crafts planned out, while the adults played a guessing game of famous and non famous people. It was the girls against the guys, and I am happy to say we creamed the guys. Funny, Funny game. Taryn slept through the whole thing and Tyson had a ball playing with the kids. He hasn't really played with anyone for about 2 weeks, on the account that he has been sick. We ate and laughed until the wee night hours. Such a great time! This is Taryn in her "Daddy shirt." It says "Daddy's angel."

My two kiddos posing for the camera.
She looks so entertained doesn't she?


ashconway said...

You have the cutest kids! Taryn's hair is so funny...sticking straight up! I'm so glad you're posting pictures, I love staying updated on everything.