Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Makings Of Our 1st Gingerbread House

When my mom was here during Taryn's birth, she and I went shopping and we found this do-it-yourself gingerbread house making kit. Little did I know that it would take more than just my limited expertise to make it. When the box says it is "Simple" to make, they LIE! If you notice in the above picture we are using cans to support the wall while the icing dries, because mom made the icing runny. DUH! So we played the fishing game with Tyson's new pole while we waited for things to dry.

My little guy is quite the artist. I pipped the icing on the house and he decorated it. At one point, Taryn required attention, so Tyson picked up the icing and made the back window, and then decorated it himself. I was impressed that he figured it out, plus he did a really good job.
The finished house. Tyson also came up with the idea to put the candy canes on the front. What a creative kid. Even though this was an all day project, it was a ball. Thanks Mom for the kit.


Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah so cute!! looks like he had fun!