Monday, October 15, 2007

French, Dutch or just bad English

Just across the street from Palm Court are a series of abandon condos that were destroyed in the hurricane years ago. Since then, the islanders have been using their grounds as a dumping spot for garbage. It can stink to high heaven some days, when the weather is hot and humid. But lately there have been a few guys cleaning up around the lots. I don't know if they are just looking for work or the owners just want the grounds nice, or if they are going to redo the places, but in any case they have posted signs that look like the above on. Now, I don't know if the islanders just cannot spell in English or if it is a form of French and Dutch mixed, or what? But I thought it made for an interesting picture.

In other news, we were able to spend a day at Mullet Beach with Vaughn last week. He and I buried Tyson in the sand all the way up to his neck. We didn't think he would like it, but the second he broke out of the sand he said, "Again, again." I think we must have buried him several more times after that, until he decided he was finished with that game.

There was also a pirate looking ship docked in the bay. Tyson wanted to board it and go look for treasure. He has been watching "Dora and the Pirate Adventure", a little too much. He wasn't too happy that Vaughn and I wouldn't swim with him out to the boat.

We are down to 53 days left. I never thought we would see the end of this little adventure, but it is coming fast and you know what, it has gone by faster than I thought it would. Sure am ready to go home!