Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Tonight we had a Halloween Festival at the AUC basketball courts. There were games for kids of all ages and then "Trunk or Treat." Tyson loved dressing up like a pirate. He was absolutely the best pirate ever. Get ready for a tons of photos. Isn't he the best looking pirate around? Check out the homemade boots.
Tyson the Pirate and Peyton the Shark. Cute boys.
This is Laura being Martha Stewart. She came up with the Tootsie roll spiders.
Tyson was all ready to go trick-or-treating. He even said, "Yo ho ho." Just like a pirate.
Holden was dressed up like a Parrot. She was Tyson's pirate parrot. So cute!Me and the two little boys. It was such a great time!Tyson with the "babes" as he calls them, Kelly and Megan. Cute pictures gals!Laura and Tyson. Cute picture.Vaughn was secretly entered in the chocolate pudding pie eating contest. He didn't want to get all covered in pie, but Hillary made sure to put his face in the pie. In turn she got Vaughn's pie thrown all over her. Sorry Hillary. It really made for a good time.


hkangoh said...

aw man!! i was hoping you would have a pic of vaughn getting his face shoved in his pie by hillary (NOT ME) it was hilarious! love the pics of Tyson but they don't do him justice! He was much cuter in could see his facial hair better!! LOL.