Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick ONE

Just a quick cap on what is going on in the lives of the Jackson's. We have 51 days left and we have our flights booked, our check out date and time for our apartment and a hotel room to stay in the night before we leave. Now all we have to do is finish up this semester, clean, pack and get on the airplane. I am hating the fact that the trees are changing into the beautiful fall colors back home and I am missing it for another year in a row. Hopefully by this time next year we are in clinicals somewhere with beautiful color changing trees. I am also jealous that those of you back home are experiencing COLD weather. What I wouldn't give to not sweat anymore. However, I will miss my comfort of wearing flip flops 24/7 all year round. That has been fun. Tyson is getting excited to go home and ride 4 wheelers and tractors, so grandpas you had better be prepared. I think he will be in heaven when we get home to the snow and the yard space. Vaughn is studying hard, trying to get ready to take the step one test when we return home. We get to see him for a few hours at night, but we can't complain. At least we get to see him. Other than that, all is well here on St. Maarten.


terecea westwood said...

Sure do love reading all about what is happening with my family.
We love and miss you! Keep taking good care of yourselves. Mom