Monday, October 1, 2007


You know how there is the "Biggest Looser" on TV for those who want to loose weight, I think they need to have a Biggest Bunko Looser, because I would win that one hands down, seeing as how I cannot win Bunko!!! Laura and I lost 5 straight games in a row and to make it funnier, she had to have me as a partner the whole time. Sorry Laura!! We are laughing so hard in the above picture that we both had tears coming down our cheeks. This was during our loosing streak. And then just when we were on a roll, BANG, we started to win. What a deal!

Kelly was ready for her close up! Looking good Kelly! She had a lot of fun playing Bunko and gets into the game "intensely" I won't mention her funny story, for she might get me later, but let's just say it involved a mini Bunko and a chair flying backwards. HA HA HA!!!

Ashley, Steph, Wendy and Megan all had their game faces on and were ready to play!The only one who actually knew I took this picture was Hillary, if you notice she is making a face at me. I am not sure Jill nor Laura had a clue. Nice faces gals. Thanks for making this night a great one!


Cluff Family said...

Okay Nicole, you do ROCK with the pictures! And that Video of Tyson with the bird is soo funny! HE is such a cutie! Yeah, we definitely need to get in one more session of BUNKO before you and Laura blitz! You gals really were LOSERS! LOL.... have a goodie Nicole!